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Outcall Escort Service shop that welcomes foreign visitors to Japan in Fujisawa/Shonan

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  • 恋する人妻

    koisuru hitoduma
    • Outcall Escort Service
    • koisuru hitoduma
    • 恋する人妻
    • 体験入店
    • 体験入店!
    Experience a forbidden affair filled with pleasure with carefully selected frustrated wives...♪

    Adult time begins with a deep kiss... I can’t be satisfied with just my husband... Our store is a place where frustrated married women gather. I feel like I’m doing naughty things with my neighbor’s wife. It feels like a real affair. I can’t ask my wife or girlfriend Things like that and things like this... drowned in pleasure You can never experience it normally Please enjoy the rich and fascinating adultery experience!

    Business Hours
    09:00~Irregular time
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    Payment methiods
    Service areas

    Fujisawa City、Hiratsuka City、Kamakura city、Chigasaki City