FAQ about Japanese sex shops

FAQ about Japanese sex shops


Q.Can I use it even if I am a foreigner who cannot speak Japanese?

A. Yes, it is possible. Basically, reception is often done through chat on SNS, WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE, etc., which are popular overseas.

Q.Can I use credit card?

A. If there is a credit card icon on the store page, you can use it.

Q.It’s my first time doing adult entertainment overseas and I’m nervous. Is this a store you can use with confidence?

A.Eki Chika Adult Paradise lists the best shops that are famous in Japan, so you can use it with confidence. Please check the store’s system carefully before using.

Q.Are there any actual acts?

A. In Japan, actual acts are prohibited by law, so thank you for your understanding.

Types of Japanese customs


A soapland is a store-style sex shop.
Women provide sexual services to customers in private rooms within the store.
In addition to the bed, the private room has a bathroom space.
Abbreviated as “soap”, also known as “special bath”, “private room (luxury) sauna”.

A feature of soaplands is that they provide sexual services while providing bathing assistance in the bathroom space.
Particularly popular is “mat play,” which is performed using warm lotion on an air mat placed on the floor of the bathroom space.

Famous areas include Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Fukuhara in Kobe, Ogoto in Shiga, and Nakasu in Fukuoka.
It is called “Soap Street” because of the large number of soapland stores, and it is loved by men who are fans of the entertainment industry.

▼Outcall Escort Service

Delivery health is a non-store-based adult entertainment industry that is becoming mainstream in the current adult entertainment industry.
The official name of the service is “Delivery Health,” and customers make requests over the phone to dispatch women to their homes, business hotels, love hotels, etc.
The cast offers health play including kissing, full body lips, blowjobs, and intercrural sex.

▼Fashion health japan

A type of adult entertainment shop in Japan where female employees (prostitutes) provide sexual services to customers in private rooms.
The name itself is Japanese-English, and is also abbreviated as “fashion health” or “health.”

▼Hotel Escort Service(In-store)

A non-store fashion health entertainment store. It is called “Hotel Health” for short. A type of sex industry that provides sexual services in love hotels or rental rooms. The major difference from “Delivery Health”, which is cited as a similar industry, is the presence or absence of a reception desk and business hours. At Hotel Health, customers visit the reception directly to make reservations. If someone comes to the store who is drunk, acting strangely, or is unhygienic, they may be turned away at the reception desk.

▼Sexual Relaxation Service (Outcall)

We offer relaxation through massage, sensual massage that stimulates erogenous zones to increase sensitivity, and sensual services such as hand jobs to encourage ejaculation.
Like men’s beauty salons, there are two types: store-based and dispatch-based.
Store type: A store that has a storefront. A room in an apartment building has a reception area, a waiting room, and a private room for providing services.
Dispatch type: We do not have a physical store, but we have an office to operate the store and accept customers by phone or email. The service is provided in hotels, rental rooms, customers’ homes, etc.

▼Men’s massage

We are not a store that focuses on full-body beauty, including slimming and hair removal for men, or esthetics. Similar to regular massage parlors, we perform treatments using aroma oil and powder. We offer services unique to men’s beauty salons, such as intimate massage and groin massage, but there are no treatments that involve touching the male genitals. Touching of girls by male guests is prohibited. If there is a violation, store staff may come rushing to you and impose a penalty.


In order to provide a safe service, the following actions are prohibited.
・For use by persons under 18 years of age.
・Requesting or coercing actual acts. *Prohibited by law
・Rough behavior/acts that hurt or harm girls. *Prohibited by law
・Photography of girls.
– Refusal to shower or gargle.
・Use of customer-owned play equipment, etc.
・Exchanging personal information with girls.
*Soliciting dates outside the store, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, SNS, etc.
– Illegal drugs or drug abusers. *Prohibited by law
・Persons with or suspected of having a sexually transmitted disease.
・Refusing a girl to leave after play time has passed.

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