To provide service with safety, the following activities are prohibited.

■Prohibited activities
  • Visit of indiviuals under 18;
  • Demand or coerce of genital penitration ("full service");※As prohibited by law.
  • Rough or harmful behavior towards the girls;※As prohibited by law.
  • Photographing the girls;
  • Refusal of showering or gargling;
  • Usage of customer's own sex toy;
  • Information exchange with the girls;
    ※Solicitation of meeting outside the shop, mobile number, email address, and social mediam etc.
  • Use of illegal drugs or substance;※As prohibited by law.
  • Individuals with sexually transmitted diseases or suspected thereof;
  • Refusing the girl's exit after the playtime.

The information provided is not guaranteed to be valid or accurate, and we assume no responsibility for any inaccuracies or discrepancies.
We shall hold no esponsibility for any direct or indirect damages or troubles incurred by users in using the information provided on this site.

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ぽちゃSPA (Umeda) - Outcall Escort Service shop that welcomes foreign visitors to Japan potyaSPA

  • Industry type: Sexual Relaxation Service
  • Business Hours: 10:00~1:00the next day
  • Area: Umeda
  • Service areas:

    Kita-ku, Osaka City、Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City、Chuo-ku, Osaka City、Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City、Nishi-ku, Osaka City、Tennoji-ku, Osaka City、Naniwa-ku, Osaka City、Fukushima-ku, Osaka City、Asahi-ku, Osaka City、Konohana-ku, Osaka City、Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City

  • Payment methiods:
  • Available languages: English Korean
  • List of girls
  • Schedule
  • Service charge
  • Coupon
  • Shop information
List of girls
  • amu
    T154 - 98(G)・66・95
    • English
    • Korean
  • huka
    T166 - 97(G)・64・95
    • English
    • Korean
Service charge
Delivery within Osaka city

60 minutes 14,000 yen

75 minutes 16,000 yen

90 minutes 19,000 yen

120 minutes 25,000 yen

150 minutes 31,000 yen

180 minutes 37,000 yen

(Additional transportation fee of 1000 yen for Hirano Ward and Minato Ward)

If you are using the service outside of Osaka, please contact us.
How to play our store
Please call us first.

Please come to the Umeda area of ​​Osaka Prefecture.

Our staff will explain the hotels where you can play.
Service areas
(Additional transportation fee of 1000 yen for Hirano Ward and Minato Ward)

If you are using the service outside of Osaka, please contact us.
Shop information
This is a complex Sexual Relaxation Service where chubby girls bring together various feelings that only chubby girls can experience.
A chubby therapist will give you a melting sensation of pleasure in a fluffy, dreamy atmosphere, with no sense of distance! The lewd hospitality that only chubby women can do is Creates pleasure through healing ”A close contact massage definitely feels better when there’s more flesh on it.” Surrender your whole body to the addictive elasticity and plumpness. There is a charge for the service, but the hospitality is free. Starting with undressing for hospitality and washing the body for hospitality. This continues with a warm and sensual massage. Feeling heavenly as you curl into your big breasts Soft feel when hugged, close contact with no gaps Buried in the chubby body and drowned in pleasure Please enjoy the continuous desire and excitement covered with oil.